• Rizk, Charles

    Dr. Rizk, Charles

    Former Lebanese Minister of Information and Justice



    • Holds a Ph.D. in Political Sciences from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, Doctorate in Law, Paris, Bachelor of Arts from the University of Lyon
    • Former Lebanese Minister of Information (2005) and Minister of Justice (2005-2008)
    • Served as Director General of the Litani Authority (1973-1977) and Director General of the Ministry of Information (1977-1978)
    • Appointed Chairman and General Director of Tele Liban in the era of President Elias Sarkis (1978-1983)
    • Founder and Director of “Data Management Company” that specializes in computer services and took over its management until the year 2005.
    • Became the personal representative of the President of the Republic for the Permanent Council of the Francophonie (1998-2008)