• Chedid, Riad

    Dr. Chedid, Riad

    President of Rafik Hariri University

    Dr. Riad B. Chedid
    President, Rafik Hariri University

    Dr. Riad B. Chedid is a university professor, an administrator and an energy specialist. He received his PhD degree in electrical engineering in 1992 from Imperial College, University of London. Upon graduation, Dr. Chedid joined the American University of Beirut (AUB) as a professor of electrical engineering and since then he has been active in teaching and research in the areas of electromagnetism, renewable energy, and energy systems modeling and planning. To enrich his teaching and empower his research, professor Chedid carried out, for more than 10 years, numerous consulting activities in the area of energy and climate change for international agencies such as UNDP, ESCWA and UNFCCC. In 2002, professor Chedid was appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Electric Utility (EDL) to manage the planning and policy aspects of the utility. In 2007, he was nominated as advisor to the Minister of Energy and Water in Lebanon and in this capacity, he actively participated in the meetings of the Power Committee Chaired by H.E the Prime Minister of Lebanon. His role, along other Committee members included setting up a reform program for the electricity sector, attracting WB loans, securing grants from EU, coordinating the implementation of the reform program with WB delegates and other stakeholders.

    During the years 2000-2005, Professor Chedid, as an AUB consultant contributed to the development of Dhofar University in Oman by designing the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering program and assisting the University management in the area of quality assurance and control. In 2007, professor Chedid was appointed President of Fahd Bin Sultan University in Saudi Arabia where he was responsible for building all aspects of this new university including strategic and operational planning, developing university by laws, designing academic programs, managing cooperation with local and international communities and following up on academic and accreditation issues with the Ministry of Higher Education. In 2010, Professor Chedid was nominated by the REP office at AUB to lead a team of around 60 experts for developing the American University of Abu Dhabi.

    Professor Chedid participated in many international and regional conferences and has more than 70 publications in refereed international journals and conferences. He supervised and co-supervised more than 27 Master theses, one PhD thesis and more than 35 final year projects. He also engaged in international research with the University of Manheim and the University of Applied Sciences in Germany and was a visiting research scholar to several US Universities including MIT and Virginia Tech. Locally, professor Chedid published several articles in the Lebanese newspapers for raising awareness on energy issues and has participated in several TV talk shows on the same subject.

    Professor Chedid was decorated with the “Electricite Du Liban” medal in 2008 and received several awards including Abdul-Hamid Hallab REP Service Excellence Award, AUB, 2011; Service recognition for the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Lebanon from the Third Beirut Energy Forum, 2012; Fulbright Award, USA, 1995 and the Overseas Research Students Award, U.K for two consecutive years1990-1991 and 1991-1992.