• Bou Diab, Ghassan

    Dr. Bou Diab, Ghassan


    Ghassan Bou Diab is an instructor in Faculty of Arts. He received his BS in Business Administration from the Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Business; MA in Islamic Christian studies and relations from the University of saint joseph. And PhD (ABD) from the university of Saint Joseph too. He also studied a Diploma in federalism, decentralization and Conflict resolution in Fribourg University (Switzerland) and studied leadership and religious pluralism in Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Plus, Bou Diab Attended Law school at the Lebanese University for 2 years. His studies focused on Dialogue, Countering extremism and terrorism, religious diversity and Pluralism. So in 2011, he founded the Global Forum for religions and Humanity, as a Lebanese NGO with international perspective. Plus academics, Bou Diab has also a career in Journalism, training and consultancy. With more than 1300 published articles, and working with United States international Broadcasting, and several local and international media outlets. Plus, he is a recognized trainer for several international organizations and centers.

    • Ph.D. (ABD) Science of Religions, University of Saint Joseph, Faculty of Theology, Lebanon
    • MA – Islamic- Christian Studies and Dialogue. University of Saint Joseph.
    • BS- Business Administration, concentration management, Beirut Arab University.
    • Diploma- Federalism and conflict resolution, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
    • Diploma- Leadership and religious Pluralism, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.

    • Dialogue and Peace Studies.
    • Intercultural and inter- religious Dialogue
    • Social and traditional Media.
    • Feminism and Gender Equality Challenges.
    • Countering terrorism and extremism
    • Parapsychology and Philosophy.
    • Ethics and Religions.

    • بو دياب، غسان، خطباء التكفير وإشكالية المرجعة النصية هل آن الأوان لمجمع "فاتيكاني ثاني" إسلامي؟ مكتبة الإسكندرية، مؤتمر صناعة التطرف، قراءة في تدابير المواجهة الفكرية 2016، أعمال مؤتمر دولي.
    • بو دياب، غسان، الخطاب الديني في وسائل الإعلام، أزمة مضمون، أم دافعية منهجة وتطوير، مكتبة الإسكندرية، مؤتمر صناعة التطرف، قراءة في تدابير المواجهة الفكرية 2017، أعمال مؤتمر دولي.