• Dr. Loutfi, Hiam

    Dr. Loutfi, Hiam


    Dr. Hiam Loutfi ElZein is the Dean and Professor at Rafik Hariri University, College of Arts and Sciences. She received her EdD in Educational Management form Leicester University, England. Ever since 1992, she has been teaching different courses in Humanities and Social Sciences at the College of Arts of Lebanese American University (1992-2010), and Rafik Hariri University (2011-till present). The taught courses covered a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to: Psychology for Sustainability, Children and War, Psychology of Women, Stress Management, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Observational Behavior, Women in the Arab World, Exceptional Child, Conflict Transformation, Cultural Studies I, II, and III, Education courses.


    Dr. Loutfi developed an acceptable record of scholarly research through her academic work. Her research focus centers on social sciences with emphasis on trauma and its consequences. She also has done work in the field of early childhood development where she helped in developing chapters in a series of books directed to daycare teachers. She also served as a chair in conferences nationally and internationally and edited and reviewed a few articles. Her interests in doing research have resulted in being nominated in one of the conferences as the best presenter. 


    In addition to teaching, coordinating social and humanities courses, advising, doing research, and reorganizing the general education programs, she extended her services beyond the borders of the campus as part of the outreach dimension by offering workshops for schoolteachers at all levels.


    Her transformational leadership skills are also revealed in sharing updated pedagogical methods, emphasizing life learning projects and technology integration, setting collaborative research plans, and spreading collegiality.



    • EdD in Educational Management from Leicester University, England, 2004.
    • MA in Educational Psychology from American University of Beirut, 1989.
    • BA in Psychology from American University of Beirut, 1975.
    • Graduate Diploma in International Child and Youth Care and Development, University of Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, 2004.



    • Curriculum Development for Early Childhood
    • Peace Education and Conflict Resolution
    • War Trauma and Psychosocial Support
    • Counseling for adults and youth



    • Member in the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
    • Member in National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE).



    • Award as the best presenter of the paper “Adjusting the language of teachers’ authority in classrooms: a rapid training in Dialogue & Peace Building”, at the 4th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities, 18-19 July 2016, Kuala Lampur.
    • Outstanding Director Performance Award, Mackassed Institution, Saida, Lebanon, 1978.
    • Nominated by the Higher Council as a member for Strategic Development of ECE
    • Nominated by the Higher Council of Ministry of Affairs as a master trainer for the Early Childhood Development project, 2014- present.
    • Nominated as a regional training expert for the ECE project by the Higher Council of Childhood in the ministry of welfare and the Arab Gulf program for development 2012-present.
    • Nominated as a member of the regional consultative group for the Development of Early Childhood Program, 2013-present.



    Books and Book Chapters

    • Alameddine, M. and ElZein, H. L. (2016) “Communication and Ethics”, Lambert Publishing.
    • ElZein, H.L. & Chehab, M. (2015) "Young children on the frontline: ECCE in emergency and conflict situations", in Investing against Evidence: The Global State of Early Childhood Care and Education, Part 2, Chapter 6. Education on the Move, UNESCO Publishing.
    • Elzein, L., Kaddourah, B., Zaza’, R., Bibi, G. and Aoudeh, L. (2014). Partners: home and School towards better school performance and healthy development for children: A training kit (Arabic Language). ARC, UNICEF and MEHE- Lebanon.
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    • ElZein, H. (2007). “An Anthology: Children in Difficult Circumstances”. Arab Resource Collective (ARC) Arabic.
    • ElZein, H. L. & Bashour, N. (2004) Situation of Children in Lebanon. Ministry of Welfare.
    • ElZein, H, Hamaoui, L, Karam, R. (2002). “Country Report about the Situation of Children in Lebanon”.
    • Chapters in a guidebook about Health and Education for parents. Arab Resource Collective (Group of ECE experts developed the book).


    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

    • ElZein, H.L. (2016) “Adjusting the language of teachers’ authority in classrooms: a rapid training in Dialogue & Peace Building”, PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 2454-5899- Special edition, GRDS Publishing pp 1-20.
    • Kaissi, F., Oweini, A. & ElZein, H.l. (2014). “The Impact of Arabic diglossia on oral language and development”. The Language Teaching Research Journal, pp. 1-11.
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    • ElZein, H., & Ammar, D. (2010). “Parents and Teachers perceptions of Assessing Lebanese Children’s Reaction to War-Related Stress: A survey of Psychological and Behavioral Functioning”. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 3:255–278.
    • ElZein, H. (2009). Attitudes toward inclusion of children with special needs in regular schools (A case study from parents' perspective). Educational Research and Review, 4 (4), pp. 164-172, April, 2009.
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    • ElZein, H. “Effect of Music, Art and Play on the Brain Development of the Child”. Qatr an Nada, 11: 19-22, summer 2007


    Conference Proceedings

    • ElZein, H.L. “Implementing Civically Engaged Writing in a Psychology Course”. Proceedings of the 6th annual symposium at Rafik Hariri University, April 13th, 2019.
    • ElZein, H. L. “Diversity and higher Education: A qualitative Exploration of Identity development in Lebanese University students”. Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Social Sciences (2017 ICEPS), August 2-4, 2017 at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.
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    • ElZein, H.L. “Adjusting the language of teachers’ authority in classrooms: a rapid training in Dialogue & Peace Building”, (Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH), 18-19 July 2016, Kuala Lumpur, 2016, Paper ID: GICICSSH1605067)
    • ElZein, H. L. (2014) “Education after the Arab spring: Alternative Philosophy to develop Awareness Towards the Other”. Proceedings of the IAFOR European conference, July 2014 pp. 273-286, Brighton, England
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    • ElZein, H. L. “Adopting a Teaching Pyramid: Effective Practices of Psychosocial Support to Children and Families”. Regional Conference on Inclusive Education and Diversity in Early Years, 7 November 2009, organized by ARC and LAU.
    • ElZein, H. “What Is Education for? Alternative Philosophy to develop Awareness Toward the Other” (Proceedings of The Global Trends and Local Challenges facing the Arab Family conference, LAU, June 2008).
    • ElZein, H. L. “Developmental Plan of Introducing Conflict Resolution to Lebanese Educational Programs”. Proceedings of the 9th ISSA Annual Conference, Budapest, Hungary- 9-12 Oct 2008.


    Research Under Review

    1. Chapters/ Books under review
    • “Unfinished Conversation in Creativity: Search – Reach – Teach” in progress.
    • “Children in Emergencies: The case of Arab World.”
    1. Articles under review
    • ElZein, H. “A Critical Review of ECE Guidebooks written in Arabic.” Educational Research and Review.
    • ElZein, H. “Drawings and Scales: Reflecting Trauma in Child Themselves”, Educational Research and Review Journal.


    Official Research Documents/ Grants

    1. Other Research
    • Lloyd, E., Wright, K., ElZein, H.L. (2019). “Towards Early Childhood Education by 2030 for all Children in Lebanon: Exploring strategies for achieving equitable ECE access for both Lebanese children and Syrian child refugees and realizing Sustainable Development Goal 4.2”. Grant from the British Academy, England, 2019-2021.
    • ElZein, H. et Al. (2014) “Development of a guide for parents about health and education” in collaboration with other colleagues in Lebanon and Egypt lead by Arab Resource collective (ARC), Fall 2014.
    • ElZein, H. et Al. (2014) “Development of a guide for KG teachers about health and education” with other colleagues in Lebanon lead by Arab Resource collective and UNICEF, fall 2014.
    • ElZein, H., and Hamaoui, L. (2012) “Situation Analysis of Children and Women in Kuwait. (SITAN)”. Grant from UNICEF (2012).
    • Nashabeh, O., ElZein, H.L, H., Toubia, N, and Assi, R. (2011) “Improving the Situation of Lebanese Prisons”. Twenty-four volumes were issued (23 volumes about the 23 studied prisons and one volume for recommendations). Grant from Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.
    • ElZein, H. (2010). “Supporting NGOs in Sabra and Shatila in Building a Platform for Coordinating Training Support and Proposing Networking Mechanisms”. Grant received from the Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD) and the Lebanese Government. Presented in December 2010.
    • ElZein, H., Osman, M., Osman, K, & Osman, D. (2007) “Studying Special Educational Needs in UNRWA Schools” Grant received from UNRWA and EU to do the study. Study was done between 2007 and 2008. Followed by a 7-day training of 150 teachers on how to deal with children with special needs.


    1. Selected Editorial Work
    • Reviewing Universities’ programs for accreditation. Demand from Higher Council for Education, 2018.
    • Peer review of manuscript for International E-Journal of Advances in Social Sciences (IJASOS), 2015.
    • Working on the development of the course of “Children’s science program” with colleagues from Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. 15-18 January 2015, ARC and ARAIEQ.
    • Editing and rephrasing the trainers’ guide: “Conflict as a Challenge: Empowering Children in Conflict Transformation”. Publishers, AlJana Institution & Said Foundation, 2010.
    • Designing and organizing the guide: “Empowering the Youth: Economical and Daily Life skills, a Training Manual for Training of Trainees.” 2006. Publishers: European Union, OMSAR and Peace Movement.
    • Translating and designing “Policies for ECE”, 2005. Demand from UNESCO.
    • Working on a general review about the situation of ECD programs in Lebanon, 2005. Demand from the Higher Council for Children, Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA).


    Invited Talks and Offered Workshops

    • Attended the workshop about “The Science of Early Childhood Development” and presented two training session about “Health and Wellbeing” and “Coping and Empowerment” at the regional conference held by ALECSO, ARC and the Arab Network for ECD in Jordan, March 21-26, 2017.
    • Attended ARC-APECD Regional Workshop held in Jordan to launch the Arabic program for ECCD. World Bank, ALECSO and ARC, November 22-24, 2013.
    • Presented a paper in the American Academic and Scholarly Research Center (AASRC) 2012. International Conference in Istanbul- Turkey, 5-6 September 2012.
    • A paper presented at the Regional Workshop for Psychosocial support held in Cyprus: “Role of NGO’s: a Case Study of ARC in Psychosocial Support for Lebanese People in the South”. - February 8-12, 2007.
    • Presenting a paper about “Role of Universities in Developing Awareness toward the Otherat the seminar about "Religions: shared points of view" held in Jordan 16-21 September 2005.
    • Representing NGOs and Universities in the conference “Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict” held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on July 18- 25, 2005.
    • Presenting a paper at the World Bank Workshop in Egypt about “the situation of children in Sidon, Lebanon”, 2003.
    • Sharing in preparing the EFA plan, 2003, UNESCO.
    • Acting as a reporter for the session of ECD program at the regional symposium on children UNICEF, Beirut, 2001
    • Participated in developing the Early Childhood strategic planning for the year 2016-2020 at the Ministry of Welfare.
    • Offering a five-day workshop for Mackassed advisors about guidance and counselling skills between April and May 2018
    • Offering a four-day workshop for day care teachers about child development and problem solving on May 2018
    • Offering four workshops for schoolteachers at all levels in Iqleem, Shouf, Saida and Mount Lebanon about “Teaching Peace through Reading and Story Telling” between December and January, 2016-2017.
    • Offering 8-day workshop for nursery and KG teachers working at the Ministry of Welfare, October and November 2016.
    • Offering 4-day workshop in Sudan (Khartoum) about brain science, positive discipline, strategy planning for curriculum developers, supervisors of special needs children and trainers. January 4-9, 2015, held by UNESCO.
    • Training program for “Mother Support Program” lead by ACHEV and ARC. Training mothers at Maarouf Saad organizations, October 2012-June 2013.
    • Attended the regional workshop about Early Childhood Development Program that was held in Jordan, 8-10 October 2013.
    • Offering 25 sessions training for spouses about “Health and Education” in Sheyah lead by ARC, 2013.
    • Attended the regional consultative meeting of academics to discuss the necessity of integrating conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue in higher education studies. UNESCO, November 26-27, 2012.
    • Offering training for mothers about “Mother Support Program” lead by ARC at MADA organization, January- June 2013
    • Offering training for health educators and KG teachers in Akkar about “Health and Education” lead by ARC and UNICEF, November 2012- February 2013.
    • Offering 4-day workshop for Health counselors and nurses in leadership and empowerment. PARD, July 8-11, 2013.
    • Cooperative Learning. Training ECE teachers at Mackassed Schools (Beirut) (Two workshops) February and March 2012.
    • Offering 4 days training in conflict resolution for official schools in September 2010 lead by ARCPA.
    • Offering 8 days training in conflict resolution in summer camp in Broumana, August 2010 lead by ARCPA.
    • Offering 4 days training about “Teaching Children’s Rights” for private and official schools, led by UNESCO and ARC, April 2009.
    • Offering a one-day workshop about diversity and inclusion at the Regional Conference on Inclusive Education and Diversity in Early Years, 5 November 2009, and organized by ARC and LAU.
    • Offering 4-day training in Tripoli for Palestinian and Lebanese youth in psychosocial support and conflict resolution, November 2008.
    • Offering 12 days training for teacher volunteers at Ahlona organization – Saida- between November and March 2008-2009 under the topic “Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties” lead by ARC.
    • Offering 8 days training in conflict resolution with ARCPA to the Lebanese and Palestinian youth, summer 2008.
    • Offering 12 day of training for 150 UNRWA teachers on how to deal with children with special needs. This training was held after the study done about the situation of Palestinian educational abilities in all UNRWA schools.
    • Presenting two workshops in the regional conference about conflict resolution held in Beirut, led by (ARC), December 2-7, 2007
    • Offering 8 days training in psychosocial support for the project “Support to the Institutes for Orphans and Disadvantaged Children in Khiam, Nabatye, Maaroub and Jowaya” under the directions of Ricerca Cooperazione. December- March 2007-2008.
    • Offering training for Teachers and parents at Bint Jbeil (South Lebanon) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Psychosocial Support, 2006-2007.
    • Offering one-year training with ARC for teachers about Early Childhood Care and Development, ECCD. 2006
    • Offering a workshop about “Creative conflict Resolution Activities for Children” for teachers of elementary classes, 2005. Lebanese American University.
    • Offering a workshop about “School parent Collaboration” for all levels teachers, 2005. Lebanese American University.
    • Offering a workshop about “Activities for Children with PTSD” for teachers of KG and elementary classes. Lebanese American University, 2004.
    • Sharing in the implementation of ECE workshops held by World Bank in Jordan and Egypt (2002, 2003).
    • Offering a workshop for TOT about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Activities for children, 2003, UNICEF.
    • Offering a two-year training program in guidance and counseling for elementary teachers at Ma’rouf Saad Institution between 2000-2002.