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Welcome to the Science Olympics 2015-2016 competition. Science Olympics is a competition dedicated to undergraduate university students. It covers selected areas in sciences and engineering where the students compete in a friendly, interactive and informative fashion.

Science Olympics engenders greater commitment to quality. Be part of the competition. This is one opportunity to promote your academic standing! Science Olympics is a healthy competition organized with different partner universities and is fully computerized. Valuable prizes will be offered. You will communicate and exchange ideas with students and professors from all universities nationally. Qualified students are all encouraged to participate.

The competition topic categories this year are in:

  • Mechanical Engineering with focus on Dynamics, Thermo-dynamics and Mechanics of Materials.
  • CCE/Electrical Engineering with focus on Electric Circuits, Logic Circuits and Electronics.
  • Civil Engineering with focus on Statics, Structural Analysis I, Concrete & Construction Materials.
  • Computer Science with focus on Algorithms & Data Structures, Databases, Operating Systems and Computer Networks.

  • Registration Deadline

    Deadline for registration is January 29, 2016.


    Interested candidates are kindly requested to contact the scientific committee member respective to their department. The scientific committee members are accessible here.

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