Human Resources Office


The Human Resources Department is dedicated to providing high quality services to RHU staff, faculty members, and the broader community. RHU’s HR Policies and Procedures, related to recruitment, retention, career development, and compensation & benefits, are established to best foster a healthy work environment that attracts and motivates employees to excel in their work.

The HR Department will continue to provide innovative services to promote excellence within the RHU work environment. 

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Service Excellence Award

The purpose of the President's Service Excellence Award (PSEA) is to honor and recognize individuals who not only excel in their given tasks, but also go above and beyond the call of duty, who exemplify the professionalism and courtesy which we all aspire, and who make the University a better place to work and study

Career Opportunities

The Rafik Hariri University seeks to recruit faculty and staff members who can contribute to its mission of fostering personal and professional excellence and the development of leadership as expressed in service to others for the common benefit of humanity.

Staff Handbook

The Staff Manual includes all policies and procedures related to non-academic staff members at RHU. The manual establishes a framework and sets standards for employee rights as well as University codes of conduct according to Lebanese Labor Law. Staff members play a vital role in abiding by and protecting RHU Policies and Procedures to instill a professional and fair working environment.