RHU Administration

  • Board of Trustees

    • Mrs. Nazek Rafik Hariri
    • Mr. Maroun Asmar
    • Dr. Mohamad El-Hout
    • Mrs. Nora Al-Jindi
    • Dr. Charles Rizk
    • Mrs. Salwa Siniora Baassiri
    • Professor Dr. Makram Suidan
    • Mr. Fadi Fawaz
    • Dr. Nahla Hwalla
    • Dr. Adnan Mroueh
    • Dr. Daoud Sayegh
    • Dr. Ghazi Youssef
  • Office of the President

    Dear Students,


    In my first meeting with the faculty and staff of the Rafik Hariri University (RHU), I stated my sincere belief that, at a university, students come first followed by faculty members.  The staff and administration are there to facilitate the work of the faculty members to excel in teaching and to make your journey at RHU a memorable experience.  I pledge to make every effort to improve campus life and to continue our tradition of excellence in teaching.  I plan on meeting with all the students in groups and I welcome your input.

Office of the Vice President for Development and Information Technology

The Office serves as the link between RHU and the larger national and international communities. It works on establishing new relationships and strengthening ties with alumni, friends, students (current and prospective), and other key individual and institutional constituencies.

  • Admissions office

    The Admissions Office at RHU manages all admission related functions. The spectrum of responsibilities include: managing admission applications; developing, maintaining and implementing admission policies and procedures; working closely with the academic units and

  • Student Affairs

    The Student Affairs team is dedicated to the enhancement of the student experience at Rafik Hariri University. The team works with oversight responsibilities and program development activities for a variety of student functions.