About RHU

RHU at a Glance

Rafik Hariri University, located in the beautiful Mechref village of Damour city, is a leading university in Lebanon. Since its establishment in September 1999, RHU has preserved the legacy of the man behind the institution in providing quality higher education that pushes boundaries beyond what seems possible.

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  • Mission, Vision and Values

    RHU shall: institute a culture of quality by committing to due process, academic excellence and hard-work; set up learning conditions conducive to farming dreams, stimulating imagination and cultivating passion to forever learn; instill the values of responsible behavior, ...


    How many times in a normal day we hear, see, or experience astonishing innovations that constantly shift the perimeters of the playing field and irreversibly transform the norms we barely came to understand. To have a chance to look at the rear view mirror and reflect on past events is becoming a rare amenity. “Times they are” truly “a changing”, and fast!

  • Rafik Hariri University Campus

    RHU is located in Mechref, Damour, 20 kilometers south of Beirut. The 54,000-m2 campus has nine main buildings. Seven buildings are used for educational purposes, one for the administration, and one for faculty and student residences.

  • Facts and Figures items

    • 54,000 m2

      Area Dimensions
    • 25%

      Scholarships & Financial Aid recipients
    • 28+

    • 18

      Learning Facilities