The Admission Office at RHU manages all admission related functions. The spectrum of responsibilities include: Managing admission applications; developing, maintaining and implementing admission policies and procedures; working closely with the academic units and University committees on admission issues; continuously engaging with prospective students by helping them complete their application dossier, responding to their inquiries and supporting them in making informative academic choices, and informing them of the admission decision and related stipulations.

  • Scholarship and Financial Support

    The Scholarship Program rewards academic excellence and achievement. It consists of competition and merit scholarships.
  • Fees & Expenses

    The University tuition fees are determined on an annual basis. Tuition and fees may be increased annually without prior notice.
  • Intensive English

    The mission of the Intensive English Program at Rafik Hariri University is to provide incoming students with quality English language instruction in order to help them read, write, speak and understand English at increasing levels of proficiency.


Congratulations on your admission to RHU!

We’re pleased to have you at RHU and hope you’ll have a fruitful, exciting and inspiring experience as a university student.