Student Affairs

Dear Students,


We welcome you to Rafik Hariri University and we look forward to sharing all your curricular and co-curricular successes. As one of the most integral units of RHU, the mission of the Student Affairs Office is to boost the quality of life at the university and create a campus environment that encourages student engagement in lifelong learning opportunities outside classes. Students’ personal growth, civic engagement, social responsibility, and interactive experiences are of our highest concern. We also focus on ensuring that university rules and regulations concerning student conduct are adhered to and most importantly that you receive your rights and stick to your responsibilities.

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  • Financial Aid Program

    The program is to offer support to students with strong potential for academic success to pursue post-secondary higher education that would not be possible otherwise. Financial Assistance aims to partially relieve the financial burden on students for whom tuition fees are onerous. Allowances are based on validated financial need and are used to be discounted directly from the tuition fees.
  • Work Study Program

    RHU gives its students the opportunity to work in its different departments through the Work Study Program (WSP). RHU Work-study Program presents mutual benefits for both RHU and the student.
  • Orientation for New Students

    We’re pleased to have you at RHU and hope you’ll have a fruitful, exciting and inspiring experience as a university student. The New Students Orientation Program is held at the beginning of each semester to help you settle into RHU life.

  • Student Clubs

    RHU provides a supportive environment that encourages and enables students to actively participate in extracurricular activities. The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs works closely with students clubs, societies and councils to enrich students’ life outside the classroom.
  • Student Council

    We at RHU strongly believe in the students’ participation in the decision making process about issues that matter to them.
  • Athletics

    Athletics are an important part of student life for many at RHU. The Athletics Department organizes a number of sports events and tournaments.

    RHU sports teams participate in tournaments organized by the Federation Universities of Lebanon (FSUL)

Dormitory Facilities

Welcome to RHU Student Housing! RHU offers its students the opportunity to live in its residence in Mechref and share a rich community life on its beautiful green campus.