Legacy Campaign

  • Campaign Overview

    Rafik Hariri University was established in 1999 by one extraordinary man who valued education and learning as the most powerful tool to enact positive change in a society. Since then, RHU has blossomed, has grown beautifully, and has evolved into an institution of a remarkable yet unique identity. Its outstanding features resemble that extraordinary man who claimed the world with only his heart. As he turned the first page of history in 1999 to start writing the story of RHU, he defined its path and laid the foundation for an institution that will forever be driven by his staunch human heart and keen mind. Rafik Hariri headed away, beyond real senses but never beyond the way, for his legacy lives on in the chronicles of an award winning university of firsts and a hub for innovators, Rafik Hariri University.


RHU is determined to build on the accomplishments of the first 20 years in its history. It shall continue to uphold, fulfill and enhance its role in shaping the provision of excellence in education to all students.


Outlined below are the complete set of objectives that RHU will pursue and seek to achieve in all aspects of its work in the next years to come:
  • Continue to deliver excellence in teaching and research
  • Continue to provide affordable education and be cognizant of the financial burdens that families face in meeting the cost of university tuition fees


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
جانب عائلة جامعة رفيق الحريري المحترمين
تحية وتقديرا وبعد،
يطيب لي أن أتقدم منكم، بإسمي وبإسم عائلة ومؤسسة الرئيس الشهيد رفيق الحريري، بصادق التهنئة وأفضل التمنيات بمناسبة مرور عشرين عام على تأسيس جامعة رفيق الحريري، هذا الصرح العريق الغالي على قلوبنا لأنه يحمل اسم الرئيس المؤسس ورسالته ورؤيته الوطنية ولأنه يترجم حلمه الثقافي والتربوي لتخريج شباب رواد في العلم والثقافة قادرين على بناء مستقبل أفضل لبلدنا الحبيب لبنان.


During its 20-year lifetime, Rafik Hariri University has created the most amazing impact stories in higher education in Lebanon and the region. As RHU continues to develop its academic programs and push limits beyond what seems possible, it emerges after 20 years as a resilient institution extremely proud of all that it has accomplished and determined to continue to shape trends in higher education in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Presenting to you love from the first degree at RHU. Some RHU students met their love of their life at college. Finding your soulmate at RHU is not a fantasy. Well, you actually have about a great chance of finding true love in the corridors of college. Here are some of the wonderful RHU couples who have decided to tie the knot during or after their graduation. We wish that more love stories will continue to blossom at RHU.


RHU will continue to fulfill its mission and vision in offering excellence in education to ultimately transcend students’ potential and talent. Considering the value of a college education, RHU shall strive to reduce the cost of education to assist students in attaining their degrees and provide merit-based scholarships to bring the best and brightest students to RHU regardless of their faith or political affiliations.