• April 09, 2020

    RHU supports healthcare providers of COVID-19 patients with 3D printed "ear guards"

    In attempt to support the healthcare providers of Covid-19 patients in hospitals in Lebanon and in the Lebanese Red Cross, the College of Engineering at Rafik Hariri University, Biomedical Engineering program, will be donating them with 3D printed plastic "ear guards".



    The 3D design connects the straps of the mask to the back of the head minimizing painful rubbing against the user’s ears. Skin irritation which usually develops when wearing masks the traditional way for a long time, with the elastic rubber surrounding the ear lobes, is eliminated. The donated ear guards also ensure firm and secure covering of the nose and mouth by allowing the users to adjust the grip size of the elastic band to fit their face and head size.



    The idea was proposed by the chairperson of RHU ECE Department, Dr. Mohamad Osman Diab, and realized at the RHU engineering laboratories by RHU lab engineer Mr. Anas M. Khalid Al-Shaghouri and lab director, Mr. Samir Berjaoui.


    The support was originally designed by Ken Lord and recently printed by a Boy Scout named Quinn Callander for healthcare providers in a hospital in Canada.


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