• February 21, 2020

    A storytelling workshop at RHU encourages attendees to speak in public

    The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) had the pleasure to host Ms. Sadika Kebbi, who conducted a workshop on storytelling entitled, “The Following Stories Are Us” on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. Ms. Kebbi is a John Maxwell licensed and certified coach, a member of the National Storytelling Network in the US, a TEDx speaker, a corporate trainer, a toastmaster, and an author.


    The purpose of this event was to increase RHU students’ interests in public speaking, raise their awareness about the importance of storytelling, improve their public speaking skills, and finally encourage them to speak in public by sharing their personal stories.



    Besides the students, RHU President, Professor Makram Suidan, VP for Development, Mr. Hisham Kobrosly, the Dean of CAS, Professor Hiam Loutfi, chairs, faculty members, and staff participated in this workshop, and even some of them shared their stories to encourage students to do so. As a result, a few students opened up and disclosed some of their personal stories, which touched almost all of the attendees.


    By the end of the workshop, almost everyone expressed his/her enjoyment of the workshop. In fact, Professor Suidan’s final comment could serve as a good indicator of such enjoyment, “I pity the students who missed this workshop.”

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