• September 17, 2020

    Alumna now team leader and senior research fellow at Brunel University Innovation Centre

    Rafik Hariri University is extremely proud as another success story of one of its graduates who once walked its campus unravels. As an RHU graduate with a Bachelor’s (2011) and Master’s (2013) degrees in Civil Engineering, Dr. Evelyne El Masri has recently joined the research centre of Brunel University, Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC), as a team leader and senior research fellow. She is responsible to lead on UK and EU projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Power Ultrasonic and Structural Integrity. In addition, she is associate fellow in the UK Higher Education Academy and research visitor in the University of Southampton.


    To welcome Dr. El Masri, BIC wrote “We are thrilled to announce Evelyne El Masri has joined BIC this week. Evelyne is an experienced researcher in Structural Monitoring and Integrity Assessment. She holds a PhD from University of Southampton in relation to damage detection of reinforced concrete structures via guided waves. Evelyne demonstrates high expertise in Construction Materials as she worked as a Lab Manager in Automated Production of Lightweight Construction Materials. Most recently, Evelyne has been working as an Operations Project Leader at TWI and brings a wealth of project management and leadership skills which she has developed on the MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management course with Aston University.”


    Writing to RHU she explained: “In 2014, I moved to the UK to complete my PhD in structural non-destructive testing in the University of Southampton, where I attended several international conferences and published my work successfully in many high impact journals. After finishing my PhD, I became the Operations Project Leader of the Non-Metallic Innovation Centre in Cambridge, UK, where I led the management of many innovative projects related to Oil and Gas. I have recently joined BIC and am also seeking an MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management with Aston University, UK.”

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