• April 28, 2017

    Closing event for RHU I Care 3rd National School Competitions; Twelve Scholarship winners announced

    Underscoring the theme “I Care,” the closure event of RHU’s 3rd Annual National School Competitions on Saturday, April 22, 2017 announced twelve deserving scholarship winners in public speaking, video, and essay writing. The competitors had to write, speak or develop a video under the topics of “I Care for Sustainability, “I Care for Cultural Heritage” or I Care for Equality.”


    Out of the fifty four high school students participating in the three competitions twelve students were placed first, second and third in the mentioned categories and received 50%, 25%, and 20% scholarships to RHU.


    The event took place in the presence of RHU President, VP for Development, Dean of Students, Director of the Office of Communication and Alumni Relations, Chair and faculty members of the Department of Languages and Humanities, school representatives, members of the public speaking club and participating students.


    Among the jury members were Mr. Zaven Kouyoumidjian, Mr. Mohamad Al Majed, Mr. Kamal Terro, and Dr. Nabila Harati and Dr. Mona Shahine from LAU.


    “I Care is a Way of Life,” said RHU President, Dr. Ahmad Smaili, as he welcomed the audience, acknowledged their cooperation, and wished them a prosperous future. Dr. Heyam Lotfi, Chair of the Languages and Humanities Department, thanked the jury members for their time, RHU staff and faculty for contributing to a successful event, and the audience for joining the closure event of the competition.


    “The participation in the competition and its results attest that RHU sees challenges as stepping stones to achieving more, developing further, and ultimately actualizing more of our goals,” said Dr. Lotfi.

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