• September 16, 2022

    First RHU student in Germany for the double degree program with Hochschule Mannheim; Also earns a Scholarship from the DAAD

    RHU student Ali Wehbe arrived last week at Hochschule Mannheim - Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany, to complete 18 months of coursework and training in mechatronics engineering. He will be the first RHU engineering student to enroll in the bachelor's double degree program between RHU and Mannheim University.


    Starting with his first three years at RHU and now the course work and technical training at Hochschule Mannheim, Ali will eventually receive a BE degree from RHU and a BS degree from Hochschule Mannheim. 


    Moreover, Ali applied for a scholarship from DAAD German Academic Exchange through the Mannheim Hochschule website. Based on his excellent grades at RHU, an online interview, and good results in the German language test, the DAAD will transfer a monthly stipend of 800€ to his bank account for six months. It is a full scholarship and a big push for me to start my first semester at Mannheim Hochschule.


    Together, Rafik Hariri University and Hochschule Mannheim - Mannheim University of Applied Sciences established a bachelor's double degree program in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering in July 2021. First-of-its-kind in Lebanon, this program allows RHU students to take coursework on a coordinated basis at both institutions. 


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