• May 21, 2019

    Patents-mystery unveiled in a seminar at RHU

    The RHU College of Business Administration and College of Engineering hosted a lecture entitled “Innovation through Patents-Mystery Unveiled” on May 14, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. in the RHU MEA Conference Hall. It was delivered by the highly achieved Program Director and Master Inventor at IBM Systems, Mr. Wael Abou Chakra.


    The event was attended by the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Akram Shehayeb, represented by Mr. Samir Najm, Mr. Abou Chakra’s mother, and the Development Council of the Association of Economic Development.


    He presented real examples of successful inventions pointing out to the impact those have made on humanity and the progress of science. One such example was the IBM Watson Project that is used in several hospitals for cancer diagnosis relying on tumor biopsies. He also referred to the fact that IBM, followed by Samsung, has since 2008 been on the top of the chart with respect to the number of annual inventions.



    At the end of the seminar RHU President, Dr. Makram Suidan, presented Mr. Abou Chakra an honorary shield.


    Mr. Abou Chakra is the former IBM NC inventor of the year, President of the Patent champions group, innovation mentor, and holder for more than 300 inventions filed in the USA and across the globe.

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