• February 01, 2019

    RHU Alumni Association networking dinner helps disseminate RHU’s mission as a quality education provider

    The RHU Alumni Association Networking Dinner was held on Saturday, January 26, 2019. The dinner hosted key HR leaders in Lebanon who met with RHU Alumni Association board members and RHU president, vice president, deans, chairpersons, faculty members, the RHU Communication and Alumni Relations Office staff, and the RHU Hult Prize campus director and advisor.



    The event aimed at laying the foundation for future collaboration in benefit of the Rafik Hariri University alumni. The lavish dinner was hosted at Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort Beirut starting 8:30 p.m.



    The attendees interacted in an intimate yet professional environment. RHU President, Dr. Makram Suidan, briefed the attendees about the numerous success stories that RHU faculty and students have achieved, winning the first place in the Hult Prize Lebanon, seizing the first place of the LAU case competition, and winning the Pan Arab Award and 1st place of the visual category of the 2018 Arab Star Pack Competition among the few. He also highlighted the role that the RHU takes to cultivate a culture of quality and nurture leaders that can drive development and contribute to the enrichment of the community, and invited them to support RHU in achieving its target.



    RHU would like to thank all the HR leaders who accepted the invitation and the RHUAA Administrative Board for creating this valuable opportunity, while capitalizing on the role that the RHUAA has played in supporting RHU and promoting its mission.