• December 19, 2016

    RHU Alumni Elect the First Alumni Association Administrative Board

    The RHU Alumni Association elections opened for the first time on the morning of Sunday, December 18, 2016 allowing members of the Alumni Association Council to vote for six candidates seeking the position of Administrative Board member. The President of the Association won by default, being the only candidate running for this position. The Office of Communication and Alumni Relations coordinated the election process. Alumni living abroad were able to participate in the elections by voting securely online through the RHU Alumni Community Online portal.


    The elected members were: Dr. Adnan Elberjawi Yakzan Alumni Association President:, Nasr Baba, Dana Bizri, Nazek Bohsali, Ahmad Diab El-Arab, Hisham Kotob, and Tahani Sinjab Zahr as Administrative Board members, and Peter Chalhoub, as synonymous member in case any of the elected members resigns or is incapable of assuming anymore his or her responsibility.


    Following the announcement of results by the Vice President of Development, Mr. Hisham Kobrosli, Dr. Adnan Yakzan delivered a brief address thanking specifically the all those who contributed to the success of the elections and briefed the attendees on the plans of the elected board.


    In turn, RHU President, Dr. Riad Chedid, congratulated RHU for this milestone achievement and encouraged the elected board members to mark their two year term with social, cultural, and athletic activities that would engage the RHU alumni community.


    All joined for souvenir photos as hand in hand they cut a cake to celebrate the occasion.

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