• July 06, 2022

    RHU alumnus completes his master’s degree at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and gets appointed as a Ph.D. student

    RHU civil engineering alumnus (BE 2020), Ahmad Chawki Charkieh, has defended his master’s thesis “Evaluation of concrete self-healing ability by means of air coupled ultrasonic testing” at Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB on June 30, 2022. He got appointed as a Ph.D. student in the Mechanics of Materials and Constructions department at Vrije Universiteit.


    The thesis studies the use of contactless transducers in evaluating self-healing. It depicts the effectiveness of air coupled transducers in eliminating experimental scatter due to coupling conditions. It also examines the applicability and limitations in reference to different studies and analysis in context. The established comparison with contact coupling evaluates the variation in parameters of influence, different signal analysis approaches, and the suitable experimental setup. Results are correlated to microscopic analysis as well.




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