• November 10, 2021

    RHU alumnus completes his Ph.D. at the American University of Beirut; Inspiring thesis project on human-robot interaction

    RHU is proud to celebrate yet another alumni success story of mechatronics engineering graduate Abbas Sidawi (BS 2014, MS 2017) for successfully defending his Ph.D. at the American University of Beirut last week. Dr. Abbas worked on his thesis project, Human-Robot Interaction through Mixed-Initiative Supervised Autonomy, at the Vision and Robotics Lab in AUB during the past five years.


    During those years, Dr. Sidawi has achieved a lot. He published four papers in the flagship international robotics conferences ICRA and IROS, one journal paper, and one poster. In addition, he has two papers under current review. He presented a project at the World Economic Forum. He participated in a winter school on Humanoid Robot Programming at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and in the engineering summer program at Tohoku University in Japan. He also made it to the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 and Forbes 30 Under 30 lists in MENA.


    Dr. Naseem Daher and Dr. Daniel Asmar supervised his thesis. His Ph.D. committee members included Dr. Riad Chedid, Dr. Rouwaida Kanj, Dr. Hadi Y. Kanaan, Dr. Maher El Rafei, and Dr. Daniele Pucci. 


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