• November 29, 2019

    RHU and Sinno Family League sign an MOU

    Rafik Hariri University, represented by Dr. Makram Suidan, and the Sinno Family League, represented by Mr. Khaled Sinno, signed an MOU on Thursday, November 28, 2019. This MOU supports their common goal of building a generation that has the necessary skills to play a stronger role in society.


    The MOU gives the Sinno Family League members the priority to participate in training courses at RHU and benefit from scholarships ranging from 20 to 50% based on the student’s performance in the Lebanese Baccalaureate and secondary school grades.


    The University will also take the recommendations of the League into consideration while allocating financial aids to Sinno family students in need of financial support. Some might receive an additional grant ranging between 15 and 20% according to the degree of need, as confirmed by the university.


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