• January 13, 2021

    RHU assistant professor is a featured digital artist and international award winner

    RHU assistant professor of graphic design, Ms. Dahlia Khodur, is a visual development digital artist, character designer, art director, and an international award winner. Since 2019, her work has been featured in several local and international magazines and art books. She has also been commissioned to prepare workshops for young character designers and illustrators in the 3D world and 3D artists in international UK-based magazines.



    As an interview artist in Sayidati and Firestarter magazines, Ms. Khodur discussed her workshop with Disney studios, depicted the local illustration scene in Lebanon, and highlighted her future goals.


    In Firestarter Magazine, Ms. Khodur says, “RHU helped me in reaching out to many students interested in their field, such as the opportunity to start a Virtual Reality course at university and also increasing the digital illustration level in education.”



    Moreover, “Love Is” art book, a German publication that originates in Switzerland, collected fine illustrations from her and other artists worldwide, explaining what love means on a subjective and objective level.


    One of the workshops she prepared included painting in virtual reality using tilt brush on oculus medium where she prepared a scene and story from scratch. The workshop gained the most popularity and all reviews were very positive from several readers and students worldwide. Ms. Khodur also prepared a workshop for character design targeting 3D artists for easy modeling and simpler workflow, which sheds more light on the importance of presenting simpler designs, especially when teamwork is a necessity in any gaming company. 



    In addition to interviews, features, and workshops, Ms. Khodur won competitions and got the chance to be a speaker at local conventions. She won a feature in the Mahmoud Kahil contest, a comic artist book collection highlighting accomplished artists in the Middle East. She also won the second-place award in the 2020 Crystal Canvas contest in Poland for game art for her game concept “Wayn”.



    Ms. Khodur had the opportunity to give talks and lectures at Lebanon’s Otaku Con as a guest speaker talking about her work with Warner Brothers and her published comic on Webtoon “The Incarnates”. In another event held at the Lebanese University, 4th branch, she was able to speak to young students about her journey with Disney Animation and Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn (THU). Both events scored positive reviews and were branded as inspirational and motivational.


    When it comes to exhibitions, she has participated in three so far. The first one was the 2019 Crystal Canvas, where she got selected as a featured artist; the second one titled “Moebius” art show was in the French Embassy in Jordan; The third one was the virtual exhibition of the 2020 Crystal Canvas that is yet to be announced for everyone to visit and experience.

    You can link to her full portfolio here: https://www.artstation.com/dahlia