• April 19, 2023

    RHU biomedical engineering alumna Ph.D. research helps detect physical frailty and infectious diseases

    The EMBS/IEEE RHU Student Branch hosted RHU class 2020 biomedical engineering graduate Ms. Malak Ghourabi for an online seminar on Friday, April 14, 2023. As a Ph.D. student affiliated with LIST3N Lab at the University of Technology of Troyes, France, Ms. Ghourabi discussed her current research in the detection of physical frailty and infectious diseases.



    During the seminar, she gave the attendees a general overview of her research topic followed by eyes recognition for inner canthus temperature detection using deep learning. She introduced her dataset labeling without forgetting YOLO, the software that has kept her company during her Ph.D. preparation.



    RHU faculty members and students from different programs joined the seminar that ended with a Q&A session that answered all their inquiries.


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