• February 12, 2021

    RHU business faculty publish research on the impact of CSR practices on employees’ job performance

    Pleased to announce that RHU's business faculty, Bizri, Wahbi, and Jardali have a new publication which researched the impact of organizational CSR practices on employees' job performance. The study was published by Emerald'sJournal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, and can be found at:




    The study was conducted during the period right before the sector faced serious corruption and mismanagement charges, casting doubts over the legitimacy of the motives of CSR practices and their impact on employee performance. The authors employed the quantitative approach using structural equation modeling with SmartPLS for data analysis, and the findings not only confirmed the positive relationship between CSR practices and employee JP, but also detected a significant mediatory influence by AC and WE on this relationship, shedding light on the related micro-level dynamics, and explaining the pathways (framed by SCT), through which CSR practices were successfully translated into an elevated level of JP.