• June 21, 2022

    RHU celebrates its 19th Commencement Ceremony

    A cohort of 190 graduates of the Class of 2022 earned the right to join a growing body of RHU alumni and shared the fruitful culmination of their ground-breaking efforts. RHU President, Dr. Makram Suidan, deans, chairs, faculty, and senior staff members led the processions of individual college graduates on the mornings and afternoons of Friday and Saturday, Mary 25 and 26, 2022, in RHU maint theater, amidst their parents’ fervent applause.


    After the Lebanese national anthem and a moment of silence in memory of the RHU Founder, late Prime Minister Martyr Rafik Hariri, RHU President praised the class of 2022 and their parents for rising against odds during a uniquely challenging time in Lebanon and the world. Your perseverance and hard work are about to pay off, he said. He credited the graduates' success to their parents' unconditional love and dedication. He asked the graduates to stand and applaud their moms and dads for all they did and gave to help them realize this milestone in their lives.



    The President ended his address with a quotation by Jibran Khalil Jibran, recorded in the voice of RHU associate professor Dr. Houssam Salami:


    "أولادكم ليسوا لكم. أولادكم أبناء الحياة المشتاقة إلى نفسها، بكم يأتون إلى العالم، ولكن ليس منكم .. ومع أنهم يعيشون معكم، فهم ليسوا ملكاً لكم .. أنتم تستطيعون أن تمنحوهم محبتكم، ولكنكم لا تقدرون أن تغرسوا فيهم بذور أفكاركم، لأن لهم أفكارأً خاصةً بهم .. وفي طاقتكم أن تصنعوا المساكن لأجسادهم .. ولكن نفوسهم لا تقطن في مساكنكم فهي تقطن في مسكن الغد، الذي لا تستطيعون أن تزوروه حتى ولا في أحلامكم .. وإن لكم أن تجاهدوا لكي تصيروا مثلهم ولكنكم عبثاً تحاولون أن تجعلوهم مثلكم لأن الحياة لا ترجع للوراء ولا تلذ لها الإقامة في منزل الأمس."


    RHU Registrar, Ms. Nidal Khalaf, then invited RHU President and College deans, Dr. Toufik Hijazi of the College of Engineering, Dr. Jamil Hammoud of the College of Business Administration, and Dr. Hiam Lotfi of the College of Arts and Sciences, to stage to distribute the diplomas.



    During the ceremony, Ms. Khalaf announced Mr. Nabil Imad Al Shmaitilly (management) and Sarah Ali Mashmoushi (Biomedical Engineering) as the 2022 Nazek Rafik Hariri Graduate Studies Award recipients. Established in 2012, the award covers the full tuition towards the completion of graduate studies at RHU to the top rankers (attained highest GPA) in each College.



    Class of 2022, welcome to RHU alumni family. Congratulations!


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