• November 05, 2018

    RHU Engineering and Computer science programs await accreditation

    Following over two years of incessant work, the approval of the final self-study reports and an assessment of the programs in their entirety, the accreditation process at RHU moved into the second stage, the ABET evaluation team visit.


    RHU welcomed on November 4, 2018, and for four days in a row an ABET visiting team. The visiting team consisted of EAC commission (Engineering Accreditation Commission) and comprised of 8 members; Dr. Nathan Kathir (Team chair), Dr. Jon Moon, Dr. Manoochehr Zoghi, Dr. Bharat Chaudhari, Dr. Jeffrey Froyd, Dr. Gregory Heileman, Dr. Mohammad Dehghani, and Dr. Bipin Pai; CAC commission (Computer Science Accreditation Commission) and comprised of 3 members; Dr. Geoffrey Dick (Team Chair), Dr. Riyadh Al Khalidi, and Dr. Safwan Qassam, in addition to Accreditation Observer representing the Ministry of Higher Education in Lebanon (MOHE); Dr. Roni Darazi.


    The 6 programs in the College of Engineering; Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Biomedical, Electrical, Computer and Communications, as well as the Computer Science program in the College of Sciences and Information Systems are going through keen and intense evaluation to receive the official ABET accreditation.


    In his opening statement during his presentation, RHU dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Hisham Basha, expressed his appreciation to the visiting ABET team for the time and effort they invested in evaluating our program reports and for coming from the United States to visit our campus and meet faculty, staff, and students to assess all curricula facts, student performance, attainment of programs educational objectives and intended student learning outcomes. Dean Basha also thanked his colleagues for the tremendous amount of work dedicated towards this accreditation process for the past three years, in revamping our programs, raising our standards and aiming towards international accreditation and global recognition by the highest engineering standards. Applying for accreditation for all six engineering programs and the computer science program after three years of hard work is a big challenge we dared to take, knowing that bigger institutions spend over six years in preparation for a similar accreditation. The support we had from the RHU administration, led by Ex-President Ahmad Smail for the past three years and continued by President Makram Suidan, is much valued and appreciated.


    Why ABET? ABET accreditation is a sign that the RHU Engineering and Computer Science programs have met the essential standards to prepare graduates who have a solid educational foundation and can lead the way in innovation, technology, and in anticipating the welfare and safety needs of the public."

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