• June 26, 2020

    RHU extends opportunity for Master’s Degree at Boston University

    Rafik Hariri University announced that a scholarship program is now available for its seniors and graduates to complete their master’s degree at Boston University (BU) through Hariri Foundation-USA.


    Starting Fall 2021, full tuition Boston University/Hariri Foundation scholarships will be offered to two candidates who fulfill unconditional admission to a master’s degree program in any of BU’s schools or colleges including: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Communication, College of Engineering, School for the Arts, School of Education, School of Management, School of Public Health, and School of Social Work.


    BU continues to support this program with a limited number of full tuition-only scholarships valid for up to two years of a master's degree program for first time masters.


    Knowing that it is a full tuition-only scholarship. The student must submit documentation that they have the minimum amount of funds required to cover living expenses to be issued the F-1 visa application form (I-20) by the university.


    RHU students or alumni interested in pursuing this opportunity need to first secure an acceptance to one of Boston University above listed schools or colleges. He/she is then required to send required documents to RHU Office of Development - Career Services and Alumni Relations- to complete his/her application for the Boston University/Hariri Foundation Scholarship.


    While, Rafik Hariri University graduates will be given full consideration for the scholarship, they need to be aware that they will be competing with other BU/HF scholarship applicants who have met the criteria and have secured admission to Boston University.


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