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    January 30, 2017
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    RHU faculty member publishes a testimony of the Lebanese worldwide presence

    RHU instructor and research assistant at the Languages and Humanities Department, Mr. Farid Khoury, along with Dr. Antoine Khoury Harb, published a book titled “History of Lebanese Worldwide Presence- the Phoenician Epoch” through the Lebanese Cultural Heritage this January.


    The book carries a message about culture and heritage that depicts the phenomenon of the Lebanese worldwide presence that surpassed geographic boundaries. It is a testimony of the openness of the Lebanese people towards humanity and their peaceful interaction with others.


    The introduction of the book is written by Dr. Pierre Zalloua. The book was translated from Arabic by Professor Najwa Nasr and reviewed by Dr. May Maalouf.


    According to Dr. Khoury, “the Vital Space for the Lebanese people is the world at large. The book is a return to the roots, to the early beginnings of the Lebanese worldwide expansion and is the right basis for understanding Lebanon’s cultural message. This message of Lebanon could be read as a lesson, for miserable are the people who do not learn from the experiences of their History.”


    Among several who appraised the book, Dr. Philip Salem sayis, “The most precious gift I carried with me to Houston from Beirut is this great book. Many thanks to the Author and the dedication. The greatness of Lebanon lies in its rich heritage and civilization, and people like Dr. Harb lift us up to this Greatness.

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