• May 16, 2018

    RHU holds its 8th annual Graphic Design Exhibition IMAGINARIUM

    The College of Sciences and Information Systems- Design Department held its 8th Annual Graphic Design Exhibition - IMAGINARIUM in Beirut Souks – Gold Souks on Thursday May 10th and Friday May 11th, 2018. Inspired by the new technologies such as virtual reality and parallex website, IMAGINARIUM showcased the creative projects of RHU graphic design students and highlighted the developed senior projects of the graduating class. It exposed students to several professionals in the field of design whether academics or company owners, while celebrating their work amidst their extremely proud friends and families.


    Students received various job offers and internships: Zina Nadery received a job offer from JWT. Multi-verse shop decided to adopt Ms. Razan Bassiri’s bullying game to be sold at their stores. Moreover, Ms. Mariam Kozabr’s posters will be permanently exhibited at multi-verse and the characters she created will be used to build a new board game to be sold at their stores.


    The exhibition was attended by:


    Companies: Creative Advertising, Dimpill, Ghaleb Hawilla Calligrapher, Graphic Designers Lebanon, Inkript, J Walter Thompson JWT, Leo Burnett, and other companies.


    Professionals in the Field of Design: Danny Khoury - designer, Founder for Use for Fun Design Collective, Karim Muhtar – web designer Minimal Site, Nahwa Kamel – fashion consultant, Rihab Zebian –Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate (LGDS) board member, Sinan Hallak - Children’s Book illustrator, Yumn Nachabe – painter, Joe Mahfouz Hatem – type designer and engineer, Professor Gregory – marketing and advertising, Mohamad Minkara – motion graphics & illustration, Maya Tayara – design consultant, Amani Saad - architect at ECS, Claudia Awad - senior graphic designer and communication officer at BLOM Bank, Mustapha Iskandar designer and photographer


    Academics: Maher Berro – LAU motion graphics instructor, Samar Sharafeddine - Lebanese University interior architecture instructor, Manar Galvani - AUCE Design  Chair, Lilian Abi Shakra Lebanese University.


    Also, RHU students, faculty, staff, alumni, family, friends and students from other universities (AUB, LAU, MUBS, and AUST) joined making this event ever more successful.


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