• July 28, 2017

    RHU honoring ceremony for Team Lebanon, winner in First Global Robotics Challenge

    RHU organized a ceremony on July 28, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. in the MEA Conference Hall to recognize RHU-coached Team Lebanon which managed to honor Lebanon by winning the third place Excellence Award in the First Global Robotics Challenge, held the week before in Washington D.C., USA.


    RHU also recognized assistant professor, Dr. Bassam Moslem, for his contributions through RHU Student Technology Club and Mr. Anthony Stephan, CEO of Cornerstone Holdings, for his sponsorship of the students’ travel expenses and accommodation.


    Three of the team members Kareem Kawtharani, Wissam Malaeb and Shadi Aridi attended with their parents. The student Kareem Haymour was unable to attend.


    Following the Lebanese national anthem, RHU president, Dr. Ahmad Smaili, presented a small word of welcome to all the attendees.


    “On this occasion, I am pleased to convey to the students, their families, their schools and all who were a reason for today's meeting, the heartfelt congratulations of Mrs. Nazik Rafik Hariri, President of RHU Board of Trustees, and her pride that the university named after Martyr Rafik Hariri has contributed to this important achievement.”


    “The achievement that we are celebrating today reflects what we are capable of achieving if we commit ourselves to cooperation, interaction and working together for a collective goal. If Martyr Rafik Hariri did not establish this university, these young people would never have met, trained or received the technical support through RHU Student Technology Club. If these young people did not work hard or have the needed commitment, this achievement would have never seen the light. If these young people did not receive the financial support to cover the expenses of participating in the competition, the whole project would have remained in their minds. In this context, I am reminded of the significance of a 1989 film, “Field of Dreams.” The film is based on the story of an American corn farmer who was a lover of American baseball and heard a voice calling out to him: "If you build it, it will come.” Martyr Rafik Hariri built this university ... and they (the students and their coach) came, created, and made their country proud. This is but a living testimonial that through collaboration, people can achieve big dreams.”


    A short video of the students’ preparations and participation in the Challenge was then projected. The students were invited to stage to share their experience with the audience and demonstrate their robot. They thanked Rafik Hariri University for opening its doors and providing the laboratories and needed equipment to work and get trained, day and night over the past years. “Without RHU’s support none of this could have been achieved,” said Wissam Malaeb. The students then received their awards from Dr. Ahmad Smaili amidst the applause and admiration of their parents and RHU faculty and staff. 


    In recognition and appreciation for his efforts and contributions as the founder and coach of RHU Student Technology Club, RHU President presented Dr. Bassam Moslem an award and congratulated him on this achievement and the many other for the club.


    After receiving his award, Dr. Moslem, delivered a short word indicating that “two things were fundamental for this great achievement: the full financial support of our sponsor and the technical support of RHU. When those young professionals are given the needed support, they will excel. They have worked hard and presented an impressive performance that will sure positively influence other students. I congratulate them and their parents and wish them ever more success in their lives.”


    RHU President than presented an award to the Team's sponsor, Mr. Anthony Stephan, CEO of Cornerstone Holdings.


    Mr. Stephan delivered a short word on the occasion. “District S is a project in down town Beirut that aims at attracting people from all neighboring areas. It is a smart city that received the ‘Lead for Neighborhood Development’ certification from the US. What a coincidence that District S was established in Beirut downtown, the place that was built by Rafik Hariri, and the team that honored Lebanon was trained at Rafik Hariri University!”


    Following the award ceremony, all were invited to a cocktail reception at RHU President quarters.

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