• May 19, 2017

    RHU hosts its annual school dinners

    As a way of honoring school principals and educators, Rafik Hariri University hosted its annual school dinners in Beirut and Bekaa. The Beirut and Bekaa dinners took place in Monroe Hotel on the 28th of April 2017 and in Chtaura Park Hotel on May 12, 2017 respectively.


    RHU President, Dr. Ahmad Smaili welcomed a total of 400 invitees in both dinners and greeted them with a sincere speech. He stressed a common goal for all educators at both the school and university levels, that of “fostering leaders who can impact the progress of Lebanon and the world.” The invitees enjoyed their dinner while watching a slideshow about the university.


    During Bekaa Dinner, Al Sheikh Ahmad Ladan and Father Saba Saad highlighted the importance of communication among society members generally and among students and their colleagues, instructors and parents specifically.


    RHU President wished the attendees a successful end of year.

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