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    March 16, 2018
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    RHU I Care National School Competition, the 4th annual in celebration of the “I Care” value

    The RHU College of Arts 4th Annual I Care National School Competition award ceremony will be held on March 22, 2018. 129 students from 23 high schools are participating in this year's competition under three challenging categories, essay writing, public speaking and video development. Winners in all categories will be announced on Thursday, March 22, 2018 during an award ceremony at RHU campus in the presence of their parents, teachers and prominent jury members.


    In addition to certificates of participation, the first, second and third place winners of all competition categories will receive prizes in the form of scholarships upon their decision to join RHU, preferably the College of Arts. The prizes range between 50% scholarships for first place winners and 25% for second and third place winners.


    Renowned Zaven Kouyoumdjian, who is one of the Competition jury members, will invite all the finalists of the public speaking competition and other contestants of his choosing to compete on his TV show “Bala Toul Sire.” The winner in Zaven’s show will get a 50% scholarship that lasts through the undergraduate study at RHU.


    The RHU “I Care” National School Competition harnesses the passion, energy and imagination of the Lebanese secondary school students in promoting the “I Care” value and presenting a manifestation of everyone's ability to propel change and make a difference in the community. The themes are “I Care for Arabic Language,” “Human Rights” and “Inclusion,” in addition to a new theme added this year, “Sustainability Project.”


    The “I Care” competition serves as a platform for high school students to stage their opinions about challenging issues that confront our community. The aim is not only to build awareness around these topics, but also generate light in our collective march to a better world.


    We at RHU strongly believe that the youth in Lebanon, whose future is forgotten in the noise, have the potential to fashion a fair, caring, prosperous, and inclusive community.

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