• August 14, 2018

    RHU introduces a 10% sibling discount starting Fall 2018

    We consider the families of our alumni and students part of RHU's bigger family and it is one of our main concerns to try to help them meet the cost of education at RHU.


    Paying the university tuition is imposing ever more a financial strain on families and paying for more than one college education at the same time can be more of a stretch. In an attempt to reduce the burden, RHU has introduced a 10% discount to siblings of enrolled students and alumni. The discount can be attained starting the Fall 2018 semester.


    A sibling of an RHU graduate is entitled to a 10% sibling discount if they enroll at RHU. If two siblings are enrolled at RHU at the same time, one of them is entitled to a 10% discount.


    To apply to the Sibling Discount for the fall semester a form needs to be filled and submitted to the Finance Department along with some supporting documents. You can do submit them in person or send them by email to finance@rhu.edu.lb.

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