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    October 01, 2018
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    RHU “Lebanese Heritage Day” revives our authentic past


    Under the patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, Rafik Hariri University held its first Lebanese Heritage Day under the title "العودة للأصالة” on Thursday, September 27, 2018 between 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. at RHU campus in Mechref. The event was organized by RHU College of Arts in close cooperation with the Syndicate of Craftsmen in Lebanon, Al-Zajal Poets Syndicate, and the “Together for Chehim” Association.


    35 Lebanese craftsmen from Iqlim Al Kharoub and the Chouf area, and from all walks of art and professions, shared in reviving the full range of Lebanese traditions, customs, and crafts, and the amazing meanings and behaviors that one can draw from them. Skilled craftsmen operated antique machines that were on display, treating the visitors to the indigenous and rich Lebanese traditions and the charming heritage of our ancestors. Attendees roamed the rich display of Lebanese artifacts and experienced a captivating feeling of transition from our current world of technology to the world of authentic time.



    The event began with the Lebanese national anthem followed by a welcome note by the College of Arts, administrative assistant, Ms. Nariman Ghanem. RHU President, Dr. Ahmad Smaili welcomed the Director General of the Ministry of Culture, Syndicate of Craftsmen representative, Al-Zajal Poets Syndicate representative, and the Together for Chehim Association representative. "The importance of educational institutions lies not only in providing quality education, but also in preserving the humanity of the nation, introducing community forethought as a general education component, and reaching out to all the segments in a society," said RHU President, Dr. Ahmed Smaili. 



    In turn, Dr. Ali Al Samad, expressed his admiration and appreciation for the RHU Lebanese Heritage Day event and the consolidated efforts to reaffirm our Lebanese identity and our heritage. "Today, we cannot but recall HE Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and his keen efforts to educate the youth and preserve the Lebanese culture with eagerness that matched his enthusiasm to rebuilding the country.  The Lebanese heritage is a cornerstone in our nation’s economic development," he said, “and the Ministry of Culture will spare no effort to support any activity that aims at preserving our national heritage."


    Following Dr. Al Samad’s word, the Vice President of Al-Zajal Poets Syndicate, poet Adel Khaddaj, delivered a poem that spoke of the qualities of Martyr Rafik Hariri, “the noble man of the Lebanese nation.”


    The word of the Lebanese Syndicate of Craftsmen was delivered by the cultural committee advisor, Mr. Wissam Al-Houri, who spoke of the importance of preserving heritage and crafts and its role in human existence and development.


    In turn, the representative of the Together for Chehim Association, Dr. Khodor Abdullah, appreciated the openness of the university to reach out to the people of the region. Addressing Dr. Al Samad, Dr. Abdullah requested the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture in protecting the archaeological diversity and specifically the historic Chehim palace which is threatened by extinction due to negligence.


    The activities of RHU Lebanese Heritage Day lasted until 10:00 p.m. and were culminated with touching old Arabic songs performed by the band “Spirit”, followed by Lebanese Dabkeh and finally an evening of beautiful Lebanese poetry “Zajal.” The poets Fadi Fayyad, Bashir Fadel, Haytham Hamdan, and Nabih Yaghi challenged each other in poetry. Their poetry depicted the attributes of H.E. Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and his accomplishments, the accomplishments of Rafik Hariri University, and the importance of crafts and heritage.

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