• December 02, 2019

    RHU mechatronics engineering student at the 2019 IMECE USA

    Representing her university and in her capacity as the Chair of the ASME RHU Student Section and the Student Regional Chair for Middle East and Africa, RHU mechatronics engineering student, Ms. Jana Marzouk, participated in the ASME Student Leadership Training program.


    The event was part of the 2019 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) organized by ASME in Salt Lake City, Utah from November 8 to 14, one of the nearly 40 international industry-leading events and conferences organized by ASME annually. 



    The program included a two day exclusive leadership training offered to student members who are looking to enhance their soft skills, stay involved with ASME, and lead their teams in a more efficient and effective way.


    Jana also attended the meeting of the Student Section Enterprise Committee where student regional chairs and advisers from around the globe meet together to discuss future ASME plans and concerns."

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