• October 16, 2019

    RHU miraculously escapes devastating fires in Mechref

    RHU Family is not like any family! The RHU Family is a circle of strength and love; we fight together, heal deeper and rise stronger! In an astounding miracle, RHU escaped the raging fires that ravaged the beautiful forest areas in Lebanon in the last two days, and were especially devastating to the surrounding areas of the RHU campus in Mechref. High winds and a rise in temperatures exacerbated the intensity of the fires that reduced a big area of the beautiful forests that surround the RHU campus to ashes.



    RHU welcomed visits from a number of schools, including Carmel Saint Joseph and Hajj Bahaa Hariri School, in addition to a visit from Engineer Mohamad Saoudi and a delegation from Saida Municipality and the media on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. While classes were suspended, a group of RHU students came to lend the university their support. They were welcomed by RHU President, faculty and staff. Dr. Makram Suidan addressed them thanking all who volunteered to stop the fires.



    Many of the RHU faculty, staff, security members and students volunteered to contain the fires and prevent it from spreading uncontrollably to the RHU main grounds and buildings. Along with the efforts of the Lebanese Civil Defense, Lebanese Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese Army the fire was contained and prevented from inflicting serious damage to the RHU campus.


    In the early hours on Monday, October 14, RHU dorms have been evacuated and the students were transported safely to the Kingdom Suite Hotel in Damour area. Classes were cancelled and students, faculty and staff were informed to stay safe at home.

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