• October 15, 2020

    RHU professor elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior Member

    Dr. Jad Nasreddine, RHU associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been elevated to the grade of Senior Member of the IEEE. All of us at RHU are extremely proud of Professor Nasreddine and delighted that his professional accomplishments have been recognized by the world’s largest technical professional organization.


    In a letter to RHU, IEEE President and CEO Professor Toshio Fukuda says: “We are very pleased to have Jad Nasreddine join the elite rank of IEEE Senior Members – both Jad Nasreddine and you should be proud of the professional achievements that led to this recognition.”


    In addition to being recognized for professional and technical excellence, IEEE Senior Members receive many benefits including the eligibility to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions.


    “In the educational sphere, quality teachers are role models for future generations and will always have a vital role in educating the minds, transforming cultures, shaping attitudes, and uplifting the human spirit.” RHU Faculty Handbook 2020.



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