• April 21, 2020

    RHU professor gives more than 80 real time TV interviews on the Corona virus pandemic

    Since the early start of the Coronavirus pandemic, around 2 months ago, RHU Professor of Microbiology, Dr. Mahmoud Halablab, has given more than 80 real time interviews on several international TV channels including, BBC News, BBC Radio, Aljazeera, Ikhbaria Alsaudia, Alhurra, TRT, Alghad and Bloomberg Alsharq. These interviews ranged between short 6 to 8 minutes conversations to 40 minutes lengthy dialogues. They covered almost all aspects of the Coronavirus disease, including valuable information about the biology of the virus, disease prevention, corona virus vaccine trials, and drug development.


    One of his longest interviews on Alghad Television News, https://youtu.be/DPxojnZPsWE, has been seen by more than half a million viewers and the number is stilling on the rise. In addition to more than a million views for his other interviews across social media.


    Dr. Mahmoud Halablab has completed his PhD in Microbiology at King’s College London, University of London in 1991, with specialization in clinical and medical microbiology. Dr. Halablab was appointed as a university Professor at King’ College where he spent more than 15 years as an academic before joining RHU in 2009 as a full time university Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. He published more than 50 peer reviewed research papers, a text book ‘entitled Infection and Immunity” in addition to chapters in text books. Some of his research articles were published in highly prestigious academic journals including one of the top medical journals in the world, the Lancet. He is a regular referee for research articles published in the journals of the Society for Applied Microbiology and other scientific journals. On several occasions, he was invited as a keynote speaker on water and food related areas. He is also a regular speaker at the Annual European Working Group on Legionella infections.

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