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    June 05, 2023
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    RHU proudly holds its 13th annual graphic design exhibition

    The RHU Design Department in the College of Arts and Sciences celebrated its 13th Annual Graphic Design Student Exhibition, If You’re Looking for Design This is It وبقوة, on Thursday, June 1st, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. on RHU campus. RHU hosted MP Ms. Bahia El Hariri at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. She expressed her appreciation to all the hard work and innovation that has been showcased at the exhibition.




    The exhibition’s name reflects the resilience, strength, and creativity that students experienced through their three exceptional educational years. Yet, they were able to bloom and shine by reflecting on their innovative ideas through their projects, which were showcased in the exhibition. 




    RHU congratulates its senior graphic design students, Ms. Salma Khalaf, Mr. Anhal Rahme, Ms. Asma Zaatar, Mr. Ameen Sherkawi, Ms. Aya Daouk, Ms. Doha Khaled, Ms. Fayza Ibdieh, Ms. Leen Lawand, Ms. Maysam Hajjar, Ms. Rayyan Kaddoura, Ms. Reem Itani, Ms. Reine Al Hakim, Ms. Roua Al Zoghbi, Mr. Wassim Shaddad, and Ms. Yasmina Helou for yet another successful year. Their creative design concepts embellished with smart visuals reflected a high degree of aptitude and skill. 




    The exhibition also featured a VR Illustration show by the renowned Ms. Karen Khodur, where people participated in the designer's vision of controlled but unlimited creative alternate realities.




    The exhibition exposed RHU graphic design students to several professionals in the design field, academics, and company owners, while celebrating their work amidst their proud families and friends. The companies that attended included Beesline, Maliks, Business Echoes, Cakyzana, Zulfa, Assentify, Underflow, Creative Advertising, Publicis, and Dimpill.


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