• January 14, 2021

    RHU senior business student and team win the 2020-2 round of the large-scale X-Culture Competition

    RHU equips students with the hard-core knowledge to be the future go-getters of the business world. RHU business management student, Ms. Ghida Bsat, has given RHU enough reason to boast of her grand achievement, winning with her international team, the 2020-2 round of the X-Culture Competition and receiving the best team award.


    Writing to RHU, Ghida said: “It has been a pleasure to take part in the X-Culture program and complete it successfully. This experience allowed me to enhance my cultural literacy and expand my knowledge and skills by working with other students and professionals from around the globe. Also, My team and I were the recipients of the “Best Team” award. Special thanks to my Dr. Mohammad Tarabay who helped me achieve this success!”



    Over 5,995 MBA and undergraduate business students, and non-student contestants from 150 universities in 78 countries on all 6 continents enrolled in the 2020-2 round of the X-Culture competition. A total of 1,277 reports were submitted as part of the competition. Working in global virtual teams, the teams developed a business proposal for one of fifteen companies that partnered with X-Culture this semester and provided a detailed plan for implementing the idea.


    Also, as a member of a winning team, she has been guaranteed an invitation to the X-Culture Coaching Program. Out of the 500 applying to these programs, 150 are eventually invited to the Symposium and only 50 are selected to the Coaching Program.


    X-Culture is a large-scale international experiential learning and business consulting project. It attracts business students from around the world to be placed in virtual teams of 7 members, each student coming from a different country.