• May 24, 2019

    RHU students develop a remotely controlled robotic arm to be used in disaster situations

    RHU engineering students Mr. Mohamad Haydar (BS electrical engineering) and Mr. Sleiman Jebbawi (BS mechatronics engineering), under the supervision of RHU assistant professor Dr. Bassam Moslem, designed an advanced 3D printed robotic arm to act like a real human arm and be able to replace it in different applications. The project is a proof of concept for a robot that can be used in disasters where human intervention is needed but human presence is impossible or dangerous.



    In this project, the 3D printed robotic arm was designed, built and installed on a rescue robot. The robotic hand mimics the human hand and is equipped with servo motors. The arm and the robot are controlled wirelessly by a distant user with a range of more than 1200 m.



    Moreover, the humanoid robotic arm is equipped with haptic feedback to send pressure feedback when in touch with objects. The arm is transported by the vehicle which is navigated by a distant user using a joystick. The range of the robot and the hand is 1209 meters.


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