• August 10, 2021

    RHU team wins the first place award at the 2021 IEEE Lebanon Biomedical Student Competition

    RHU team of biomedical engineering students Yasmine Abu Adla and Dalia Raydan and computer and communications engineering students Mohammad Charaf and Roua Saad took home the first place award of the research projects category at the 2021 IEEE Lebanon Biomedical Student Competition (LBSC 2021). Proposed by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Lebanon Chapter, LBSC 2021 took place at Wardanieh campus of the Islamic University of Lebanon on Friday August 6 with 35 competing projects.



    The RHU team members presented their final year project “Automated Detection of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome using Machine Learning Techniques”. This project provides physicians with a user-friendly website that can input the patients’ clinical data. It develops a smart solution and a machine learning model to accurately (92% accuracy), securely, and quickly diagnose the subject as having PCOS or not.


    Writing to RHU the team said, “special thanks to Dr. Mohammad Diab and Dr. Jad Nasreddine for their guidance and support throughout our project.”


    This competition serves as a catalyst for the evolution of biomedical engineers in Lebanon. Students from various educational institutes had the chance to demonstrate their projects, achievements, and most importantly their acquired skills in relation to all areas of Biomedical Engineering.


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