• March 05, 2020

    RHU to disinfect premises amid Coronavirus concerns

    In order to look after the well-being of RHU community and step up RHU’s safety measures, the university initiated a complete disinfection protocol for all the RHU premises. Equipment and solutions were bought from by Boecker. The solutions used are effective against virtually all germs including the current Coronavirus.  



    Dr. Mahmoud Halablab, Professor of Microbiology at RHU, confirmed that by Saturday, March 7, 2020 all buildings would be disinfected. “Absolutely all buildings, offices, dormitory, lecture rooms, laboratories, courts, and buses will be completely disinfected and the same process will be repeated weekly as recommended by the company,” he indicated.



    On another note, the RHU community members were reminded to refer to and abide by the safety precautions circulated to them by the emerging Rafik Hariri University Coronavirus (Covid-19) Safety Committee, in order to help keep the university a safe place to live in.



    The Support Services Department has also sprayed all trees (mainly pine) that may be infested by the Processionary Caterpillar worm which has become a yearly event. These creatures may trigger allergic reactions in some people.