• April 21, 2017

    RHU wins second place in the 2017 Universities Mini Football Championship; reaps best player title

    After rigorous straight wins for RHU in the first, second, and semi-final rounds of the Universities Mini Football Championship, RHU football team played their final game of the Competition against the Islamic University in Lebanon on April 13, 2017 in Hoops Hazmieh.  RHU football team proudly netted the second place with a score 3 to 5 and reaped best player title to RHU’s Hatem Eid. The Deans of Students at RHU and the Islamic University distributed the medals and trophies to both teams.


    The results for the first round, where RHU contested against AUL, NDU and LIU, were all to the benefit of RHU - RHU vs AUL Kaslik (score 10-3), RHU vs NDU (score 5-3), and RHU vs LIU (score 1-0).


    As for the second round, the scores were: RHU vs AUL Kaslik (score 5-3), RHU vs NDU (score 3-5), and RHU vs LIU (score 3-1).


    In the semi-final game against Phoenicia University, RHU won with a score of 5-3.


    For four consecutive years, the Athletic department at RHU has successfully organized the Universities’ Mini Football Championship. Nine universities have participated in this tournament and competed against each other in a fair game. The universities were RHU, NDU, LIU, MUBS, AUL Kaslik, PU, Islamic University, AUST and LGU.

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