• August 16, 2017

    Thanks to RHU Co-op Training Program Five students have been hired

    After a two-month period, five RHU students now have a job. Thanks to RHU Coop Training Program, the students received full-time jobs in the same companies that hired them for their summer Coop. RHU Coop Program continues to be one of RHU's major strengths, giving hope to fresh graduates as job seekers.


    RHU marked the work experiences of those five students as RHU Coop Success Stories for the year 2017. RHU congratulates them for making the best out of their training and for demonstrating the competitive skills and abilities that RHU students develop. The students are: Ms. Reem Atma- No Label NGO, Ms. Rayan Khattab- Cleartag, Ms. Manal Kassab- LACECO Architects and Engineering, Ms. Zeina El Chami- Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, and Ms. Hind Antar- El Yaman Group.


    Students benefit from their Coop training by learning more about their field of study, earning valuable real world experience, and developing their professional network.

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