• October 07, 2021

    The RHU Leila Ayoub Memorial Scholarship Fund

    The ones we love are never gone; they just live forever in our hearts.


    RHU has lost an integral member of its family, RHU faculty member Ms. Leila Ayoub, an irreplaceable and beloved professor and mentor who dedicated more than twenty years to provide the very best to RHU students.


    It is with great solemnity and deep gratitude that RHU announces the creation of the Leila Ayoub Memorial Scholarship Fund in living memory of her benevolent soul. This Fund aims at helping students with promise and potential but limited financial resources to meet the cost of their university tuition. It embodies Ms. Leila Ayoub’s staunch heart, desire to support students, and her endless compassion and commitment to her profession.


    We hope this fund supports as many students as possible by removing the financial barrier to their education. We welcome your donations in fresh Lebanese and US dollars to the fresh accounts indicated below:


    Account Name: Rafik Hariri University

    Bank Name: BankMed, Rouche Branch

    Dollar Account: IBAN Number: LB750022000000002400193050XF

    Lebanese Liras Account: IBAN Number: LB430022000001400L0193050000


    Our deepest thanks to all the generous investment into the education of all future Leila Ayoub Scholars that will honor her memory, love and dedication.


    We know she’d be proud.

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