• September 16, 2022

    Vigorous activity on RHU Clubs and Societies Fair

    RHU campus throbbed with vigor on September 13 and 14, 2022, with the Clubs and Societies Fair. RHU Clubs and Societies joined efforts to connect with students and recruit new members to their student organizations.


    Among the Clubs were the Events Club, First Aid Club, Gaming Club, Chess Club, Google Developer Student Club, Artificial Intelligence, Community Service Club, Physics and Astronomy Club, Feminist Club, and Music Club. 


    Among the professional Societies were the College of Business Administration Societies, Personal Development Society and the Investment Society, the College of Engineering Societies, ASME, IEEE, EMBS, and ASCE, and the Design Society in the College of Arts and Sciences


    The Fair increased awareness about the impact of enrolling in professional societies on career development. It also introduced students to the various social and personal development opportunities provided by club activities.


    Some Clubs and Societies decided to leave students with some inspiration. 


    RHU Feminist Club:

    We welcomed exciting new faces to our group. We explained our mission: Empower, Educate, Liberate. We inspired students with a sense of responsibility and social awareness by discussing our past events. 


    RHU Chess Club: 

    Our club improves cognitive abilities, concentration, pattern recognition, decision making, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning. 

    It reinforces their self-confidence, increases their attention span and memory capacity. It also enhances logic and critical thinking and teaches good sportsmanship.


    RHU Community Service Club:

    We are a supportive community at RHU that provides multi-services to all students. We aim to develop their skills in various aspects of life, social, personal, and educational.


    RHU Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society EMBS: 

    Students who newly join the vibrant biomedical engineering program learn how biomedical engineers maintain a healthcare infrastructure. Those who join other programs express their curiosity. We fulfil it. 


    We explained biomedical equipment, light heart, electrophysiological, and diagnostic tools. 


    We demonstrated the heart's electric activity (ECG- Electrocardiogram) and printed waveforms. We also checked students' blood pressure and blood-oxygen saturation. 



    Today those of like-minded beliefs and interests joined the Fair to express themselves and make an impact. We stood together as RHU pillars to build a better generation. The past two days can be described as heartwarming and empowering. 











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