• October 11, 2018

    “Why social entrepreneurship” in a seminar by RHU Engineering Societies

    The IEEE EMBS RHU Student Branch and the RHU Biotech Society in the College of Engineering hosted the seminar “Social Entrepreneurship: A Brighter Future” on Monday, October 10, 2018, at the MEA conference hall.


    In this seminar, Ms. Sally Hammoud, Loyac Lebanon managing director and board member and part-time lecturer at RHU and LAU, depicted social entrepreneurship. She introduced the objectives and fundamentals of personal and professional development that pave the way for a brighter career prospects for students.


    Ms. Hammoud also shared real cases to demonstrate how creativity and innovation can be reached through demanding projects that take the students out of their “comfort zones” and at the same time alleviate the difficulties faced by local communities.


    The seminar lead to an open discussion regarding the optimal use of technology between Loyac volunteer engineers and RHU students. Moreover, it was announced that IEEE-EMBS students will participate in a series of workshops to develop and implement social entrepreneurship projects in different marginalized communities throughout Lebanon.

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