• February 06, 2020

    World Cancer Day 2020 at RHU: Cancer remains the most significant health challenges up till today

    On the occasion of the World Cancer Day, the First Aid Club hosted Dr Bassel Bachir, surgical urologist at the American University of Beirut Medical Centre (AUBMC), to share his knowledge on cancer to students, faculty, and staff.



    Dr. Bachir provided a comprehensive presentation about cancer on Tuesday February 4, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in the MEA Conference Hall. He described cancer as a disease, spoke about treatment, prevention and diagnosis, and presented some eye opening statistics relevant to Lebanon. He answered a few medical questions, the general ones were addressed publicly. Those who sought privacy spoke to him discretely; it was basically free consultation.



    The event was followed by an awareness campaign where cancer ribbons were distributed and everyone helped themselves to snacks and drinks.


    Dr Bassel Bachir joined AUBMC as an Assistant Professor of Urology in January 2016 after completing a 2-year clinical fellowship in male infertility and male reproductive medicine at the University of Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital, one of the largest referral centers in North America in this field. Since joining the division of urology, Dr Bachir has greatly enhanced the male health and male infertility service at AUBMC, introducing a number of techniques not previously performed at AUB, particularly in the field of microsurgery.



    He is a male health expert and deals with a multitude of male health and sexual concerns. He also works very closely with his OBGYN colleagues in reproductive endocrinology and infertility to offer infertile couples the best chance at conception. Dr Bachir also has a keen interest in fertility preservation, especially in cancer patients, and works closely with colleagues in the oncology department in helping young patients with all their fertility concerns.


    With a growing global burden, prevention of cancer remains one of the most significant health challenges up till today. In a recently study in Lebanon, breast cancer was revealed as the leading cancer in females, while bladder, prostate, and lung cancer were the leading types in males. Smoking-related cancers was on the rise for both genders throughout the previous decade onwards.

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